On the night of February 24, the second anniversary of the Russian large-scale invasion, Ukraine applied special sanctions on the largest Russian metal plant – NLMK.

NLMK produces around 18% of all steel in Russia and is the key asset in the NLMK Group of one of the wealthiest people in Russia – Vladimir Lisin. NLMK supplies steel, alloys and rolled metal to the Russian military complex enterprises, which produce ballistic and cruiser missiles. This is one of the key enterprises of the strategic industry.

The sanctions applied by Ukraine took the shape of unmanned flying vehicles. The explosions were heard, seen and filmed by a lot of people, who commented mostly with obscene words, pretty usual for Russians.

According to the spectators, the drones hit the agglomeration unit of the plant.

The Russian ministry of defence, as usually, reported downing two drones over the Lipetsk region. The video of the strike already gone viral once again dispels Russian lies.

The Ukrainian “sanctions” demonstrate how sanctions against Russia should be applied. January and February saw a number of successful attacks on Russian oil plants, significantly decreasing their exports and war fueling. Perhaps, now the time has come to slap sanctions on the Russian metal industry. (Ukrainian metal)

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