Russia: Shamil Kurmashov appointed NLMK Group CFO

NLMK Group, an international steel company, announces the appointment of Shamil Kurmashov as NLMK Group CFO, effective from November 15. Kurmashov will be in charge of coordinating the work of financial departments across all NLMK Group companies, supporting the execution of the new strategic cycle of the group leading up to 2022, and driving the…

Russia: NLMK Group at Metal-Expo 2018

NLMK Group, a global steel company with operations in Russia, the European Union, and the USA will take part in Metal-Expo’2018, the 24th International Industrial Exhibition that will be held on November 13-16 at Pavilion No. 75, VDNH (Moscow). This year, the company will present “NLMK Priority” stand. The concept of the stand embodies one…

Russia: NLMK Group recognized as leader in procurement digitalization

NLMK Group has topped the “Leader in Procurement Process Digitalization” nomination of the “Competitive Procurement Leader” Award. The Award Ceremony was held in Moscow at the Russian “Corporate Procurement 2018” Summit. The jury applauded NLMK Group’s achievements in the digitalization of procurement. Currently over 90% of tender procedures of the company are done through e-tendering…

Russia: NLMK to raise CAPEX in 2019

Russian steelmaker Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) plans to raise capital expenditures in 2019 from $650-700 million expected in 2018, CEO Grigory Fedorishin said. He said that the company planned to raise capital expenditures in the next two to three years to support capacities, in particular, to rebuild two blast furnaces and two converters. “This way, capital…

Russia: NLMK trading house starts online sales from Kazan warehouse

The NLMK trading house is starting online sales of rebars from its warehouse in the city of Kazan.

The first customers will be provided with a discount from each ton ordered.

The warehouse offers 12 types of rebars in rods and 8 types of rebars in coils.

The minimum order is 4 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK EBITDA up in Q3 2018

In Q3 NLMK Group EBITDA growth totaled 11% QoQ, to $1,015 million. EBITDA margin was 32%. Net income grew by 11%, to $646 million. Free cash flow doubled to $638 m. Net debt/EBITDA hit its minimum in a decade of 0.25x. Group revenue in Q3 totaled $3.13 billion (+0.5% QoQ, +23% YoY). The decrease in…

Russia: NLMK sales up in September 2018

In September railroad deliveries of metal from NLMK totaled 1.1 million tons, up by 14.8% YoY.

In 9 months sales reached 9.6 million tons, up by 2.5% YoY.

Deliveries to Russian customers increased by 0.6%, to 3.2 million tons, while exports grew by 3.5%, to 6.4 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK shareholders approve Q2 2018 dividends

At the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting (EGM) held on September 28 NLMK shareholders approved the payment of Q2 dividends of 5.24 rubles per share.

The date upon which the shareholders entitled to Q2 dividends would be determined was set as October 12.

H1 dividends will amount to 10.97 rubles per share. (NLMK/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK expands cooperation with transformer manufacturers in India, USA and Turkey

NLMK Group, an international steel company, has signed long-term strategic partnership agreements with the leading manufacturers of components for transformers: Enpay (Turkey), KRYFS (India) and National Material Company (NMC, USA). Under these long-term agreements, NLMK Group will regularly supply transformer steel from its production sites in Lipetsk and Yekaterinburg, and offer expanded technical support. The…

Russia: Novex Trading renamed NLMK Trading

NLMK Group announces that Novex Trading S.A. has been renamed NLMK Trading.

The name and corporate identity of the trading company that supplies NLMK products to the global market were aligned with NLMK Group’s brand.

NLMK Group is the largest steelmaker in Russia and one of the most efficient in the world. (NLMK/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RAEХ assigns ruАAA rating to NLMK Group

NLMK Group, an international steel company, is pleased to announce that RAEX (Expert RA) has assigned it the highest credit rating of ruAAA with a stable outlook, making NLMK Group the first metals and mining company to be awarded the highest rating by the agency. The rating acknowledges the company’s high creditworthiness and financial reliability,…

Russia: NLMK railroad exports down in August 2018

In August NLMK shipped 986.6 thousand tons of metal via railroad, down by 9.4% YoY.

In January-August sales increased by 1.1% YoY, to 8.5 million tons.

Russian customers received 2.6 million tons, up by 6.3% YoY, while exports totaled 5.57 million tons, down by 1.4%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK VP dies in Moscow

NLMK Group reports the tragic death of Dr. Bruno de Cooman, NLMK Group Vice President for Research and Development, on August 29 in Moscow. “Bruno De Cooman’s death is an enormous loss for the group and the entire sector, for his friends and family. He has made an invaluable contribution to the development of global…

Russia: NLMK to improve sales flexibility

NLMK has finished assembling new machinery under the project to expand the shipping sites in the hot-rolling shop. The increase of the area to process rolled metal and the development of the infrastructure will create a reserve of hot-rolled coils for the periods of seasonal fluctuations of demand. NLMK supplies hot-rolled metal in coils and…