Russia: Sverdlovsk region to produce DRI

The authorities of Sverdlovsk region have approved new residents of the Titanium Valley special economic zone. In particular, at the Salda site Ferrostar will be producing directly reduced iron with low prime cost. Investments will reach 2.3 billion rubles. When the company reaches its design capacity it will employ 80 people. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma says Gazprom considers possible partnership

Gazprom was studying production potential of titanium giant VSMPO-Avisma for possible partnership, the titanium producer said in a statement on December 18 after a Gazprom delegation visited the Sverdlovsk region’s city of Verkhnyaya Salda to study VSMPO-Avisma’s production and discuss partnership. “After analyzing production potential of VSMPO-Avisma, the leader of the world’s titanium industry, we…