Ukraine: electricity consumption by metal companies in 2016

In 2016 Ukrainian metal companies increased electricity consumption by 0.02% YoY, to 28.76 billion kW-h.

According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, machine-building companies increased electricity consumption by 0.2%, to 3.676 billion kW-h, while chemical companies consumed 2.968 billion kW-h of electricity, down by 3.8%. (Ukrainian metal)

Azerbaijan: AKPS closing down

Azerbaijan is closing down its Steel Production Complex. Azerbaijani Steel Production Complex was created in April 2013 to design, construct and manage the steel-manufacturing works. The complex had to deal with ore mining through steel-smelting. By 2018 Azerbaijan also planned to have created several works and shops to be managed by the complex, in particular…

Belarus: metal exports via BUCE up in 2016

Merchandise export via the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) rose by nearly 30% in 2016, BUCE Press Secretary Roman Yaniv reported. According to the source, the sum of export deals facilitated by the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange totaled Br629 million in 2016, up by 29% YoY. The export of metal products rose by 7% primarily…

Russia: ferrous metals railroad transportation down in 2016

In 2016 Russian railroads transported 1.222 billion tons of cargo, up by 0.6% YoY.

In particular coal transportation grew by 1.7% YoY, to 328.6 million tons, iron and manganese ore – by 0.5%, to 109.5 million tons. At the same time transshipment of ferrous metals dropped by 0.5% YoY, to 71.01 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal prices up in 2016

In 2016 Ukrainian metal manufacturers increased prices by 35.7% YoY. In 2015 prices grew by 25.4% YoY, in 2014 – by 31.7%. According to the State Statistics Service, coal and metallic ore prices saw the largest increase – by 18.6% and by 18.9% YoY. In December 2016 iron ore prices grew by 20.4% and of…

Kazakhstan: metal prices up in 2016

In 2016 prices of the companies in the processing industry grew by 19.6%, in mining – by 14.1%. The wares produced became more expensive by 16.8% YoY, and services – by 3.6%. The largest increase was observed in ferroalloys – by 54%, lead – by 51.9%, rolled ferrous metals – by 39.8%, precious metals –…

Russia: new beryllium project planned

Expert Council of the Industry’s Development Fund approved 12 preferential loans amounting up to 2.93 billion rubles (approximately $48.305 million). According to one of them, company Rare Metals of Siberia plans to organize a plant to process beryllium ores into pure beryllium and its compounds. Rare Metals of Siberia has a technology for primary raw…

Ukraine: ferroalloy companies working without problems

Major Ukrainian ferroalloy companies (Nikopol and Zaporozhye Ferro Alloy Works), as well as Ordzhonikidze and Marganets Mining and Processing Works, all parts of the Privat Group, continue operating according to their manufacturing plans. Earlier due to the nationalization of PrivatBank the companies accounts were blocked. PrivatBank also managed Stakhanov Ferroalloys Plant, ZZF, MGOK and OGOK…

Russia: Khakasia to start producing steel rope

The Republic of Khakasia intends to start producing steel rope at the Abaz monocity.

The project presupposes the creation of 2 lines to produce 3.5-35 mm diameter rope (GOST 2688-80, 7688-80, 3077-80).

Siemens will supply the equipment. Steel rope production will start in 5 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Belarus: FEZ Gomel-Raton registers manufacturer of high-precision metal products

Gomel-Raton Free Economic Zone (Gomel-Raton FEZ) hosted a new resident – KolosEuroTech, planning to manufacture high-precision metal products.

KolosEuroTech is a Belarusian-Polish joint venture, intended to invest more than $1 million in high-precision metal production at Gomel-Raton FEZ.

Gomel-Raton FEZ is now home to 81 resident companies. (Prime-TASS/Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal prices up in November 2016

In November prices of industrial manufacturers increased by 2.2% MoM.

According to the State Statistics Service, in mining and quarrying price increase reached 4.4% MoM, including 10.5% in iron ore mining.

Prices in processing industry went up by 1% MoM, in particular of coke – by 3.2%, in metal manufacture – by 2.2%. (Ukrainian metal)