Ukraine: railroad tariffs increase to kill metal makers

The Ministry of infrastructure plans to increase railroad transportation tariffs by 30% in 2016. This will lead to the further recession in Ukrainian economy.

Ukraine: domestic steel market to grow in 2016

Metinvest-SMC, the Metinvest metal center network, believes rolled metal consumption in 2016 would increase by 2.6% YoY, to 3.35 million tons.

Ukraine: metal consumption, export and import down in January-September 2015

In January-September Ukrainian metal companies decreased their domestic sales by 21.7% YoY, to 1.96 million tons (13.1% of the total output) from 2.5 million tons (13.3%) in January-September 2014.

Ukraine: metal industry to suffer from Russian embargo

Russian embargo on Ukrainian products will mostly affect agriculture and metal sector.

Ukraine: metal output down in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukraine decreased its industrial output by 15.4% YoY.

Ukraine: metal prices down in October 2015

In October industrial products price index totaled 97.6% as opposed to 102% in September. This is without the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and the ATO zone.

Ukraine: metal industry starting to revive

In September Ukraine increased metal output by 3% YoY, according to the National bank recent report. The bank analysts have dubbed this “the breaking of falling tendency in metallurgy” and connected it to the ceasefire in the ATO zone.

Ukraine: metallurgy to see rise soon

Ukraine has unique natural conditions for the metallurgy development, so the industry will see a rise soon.

Ukraine: metal companies losses down in January-August 2015

In January-August the metal sector of Ukraine presumably decreased its losses by 11%, or by 1.8 billion UAH YoY, to 14.6 billion UAH, said Metallurgprom.

Ukraine: some Donbass works and mines restored

Due to the war in the East Ukraine lost half of its coal mining, while its metal industry fell by a quarter.

Ukraine: Dniepropetrovsk metal industry increases output

Revival of the Dniepropetrovsk region industry is underway. For the second month in a row local companies increase their output.

Ukraine: steel suffering from low quality

The quality of Ukrainian steel is low, while its prime cost is high.

Ukraine: Donetsk region metal output up in September 2015

In January-September Donetsk region (without the antiterrorist operation zone) decreased its industrial output by 41.1%. At the same time September results were 16.9% better YoY.

Ukraine: mining works in difficult situation

Ukrainian mining and processing works are in difficult situation, said the Metinvest Group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov.

Ukraine: Sumy to sell valves to Ukrtransgaz

Sumy Machine-building scientific-production association has concluded a contract with Ukrtransgaz for the supply of a large batch of valves.

Ukraine: metal sector to strive when China shuts down

Ukrainian metal situation will be difficult until the ineffective capacities in China close down.

Ukraine: metal companies to face hard times

The experts don’t expect a noticeable increase in Ukrainian metal output or export this year.

Ukraine: metal companies losses down to 12 billion UAH

In January-June Ukrainian metal companies received 12 billion UAH of losses, down by 5.5% YoY.

Ukraine: net income of metal companies in January-May 2015 up

In January-May Ukrainian metal companies decreased their pre-tax loss by 14.1%, to 11 billion UAH from 12.8 billion UAH in 2014.

Ukraine: metal companies to halt without VAT reimbursement

According to the Ukrainian Federation of Metallurgists, the state owes 7 billion UAH of unpaid VAT to the mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine.

Ukraine: mining-metal sector on the verge of bankruptcy

The majority of mining and metal companies in Ukraine have been on the verge of bankruptcy since 2014, which they managed to avoid only thanks to the devaluation of the national currency and the improved competitiveness of Ukrainian products on foreign markets, Metinvest CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov said.

Ukraine: steel mills’ pretax loss 84.4% up due to credit tightening

The pretax losses of Ukrainian metal companies (negative financial results from ordinary activities before taxation) rose by 84.4%, to UAH 22.5 billion, from UAH 12.2 billion as of the end of 2014, according to preliminary data.

Ukraine: Euroasian Economic Commission rods investigation continues

Euroasian Economic Commission has informed of the prolongation of the antidumping investigation of hot-rolled carbon and alloyed steel rods, produced in Ukraine and exported to the Customs Union.

Ukraine: industrial prices in January 2015 up by 2.3%

Industrial prices in Ukraine after stability in December 2014 have started growing again, rising for the first month of the New Year by 2.3%.

Ukrainian metal companies decrease investments into reconstruction

In January-September Ukrainian metallurgical companies decreased capital investments into technical overhaul and modernization by 27.5%, or 783.2 billion UAH, to 3,695 billion UAH YoY.  In 2013 companies mostly invested in construction of new objects and the already going reconstruction and modernization of existing capacities. Vital to the sector are the modernization of furnace manufacture and…