Ukraine: metal sales in January-May 2016

In January-May Ukraine sold 660.8 billion UAH worth of industrial products (588.2 billion UAH in January-May 2015), including 177.2 billion UAH exported (174.5 billion UAH). According to the State Statistics Committee, metal and metal wares accounted for 17% of the total volume, while mining products totaled 12.1%. In May mining sales went up by 15.7%…

Ukraine: metal sales to increase

In 2016 metal consumption in Ukraine will grow by 2.6% YoY, or by 3358 million tons, according to Metinvest-SMC. “We believe the rise will continue next year as well. At least all the companies involved should demonstrate better results”, said the company CEO Dmitry Lippa. He also noted the increase in the mining industry by…

Ukraine: metal prices increase speeds up in May 2016

In May industrial prices increased by 5.3% MoM and by 13.9% YoY in January-May.

According to the State Statistics Service, mining prices went up by 19.7 MoM, processing – by 4%, including by 13.4% in metal. Coke prices in May increased by 1.6% MoM. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal companies calling for mining meeting

Heads of Ukrainian metal companies have addressed the Prime-Minister Vladimir Groisman, asking him to arrange a meeting to discuss the problems in the industry and develop the program of stabilization.

Ukraine: metal companies losses down in January-February 2016

In January-February Ukrainian metal companies decreased their pre-tax losses 3.2 times YoY, to 9.9 billion UAH (from 31.7 billion UAH).

Ukraine: Chinese metal corporation subsidiary to open in Odessa

Odessa city head deputies met with the representatives of the China Metal Construction-Engineering Corporation.

Ukraine: mirror duties to be imposed on Russian rolled metal

Ukraine has to impose mirror duties on Russian rolled metal, says Zaporizhstal CEO Rostislav Shurma.

Ukraine: Poroshenko asked to retain railroad connections with Donbass metal works

The stop of the railroad connection with companies working on the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will worsen the economical situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine: metallurgists the worst borrowers

Metal industry is the worst borrower for banks: past-due debts on loans reach 39.5%, with foreign currency loans amounting to 91.6%.

Ukraine: Ukrpromvneshexpertisa doubting negative effect of railroad tariff increase

“In my opinion, the Ministry of infrastructure announced railroad transportation tariffs rise will not greatly affect mining companies”, said the Ukrpromvneshexpertisa analyst Dmitry Zheltyakov.

Ukraine: steel construction market to start growing in 2017

The future of the steel construction depends on the state policy in attracting investments and on the Ukrainian metal construction sales on new markets.

Ukraine: metal results for January 2016

In January Ukraine produced 1920 thousand tons of pig iron, 1938 thousand tons of steel and 1689 thousand tons of rolled metal, up by 112% and 103% and down by 98% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk warned of metal industry collapse

Ukraine is on the brink of all the metal companies halt, after that currency revenues will fall, while unemployment will increase. This is stated in the letter to Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, signed by directors of the 12 major metal and mining companies.

Ukraine: metal makers losses up in 2015

In 2015 Ukrainian metal makers increased their losses by 31.6% YoY, or by 7.5 billion UAH, to 31.2 billion UAH.

Ukraine: metal makers produce the most currency

The mining-metallurgical complex, even despite the crisis, is one of the key engines of Ukrainian economy with 15 billion UAH of taxes and around 1 million employees.

Ukraine: Poroshenko changes his views on metal industry

Ukraine’s metal industry is among priorities for the authorities, but as for now it’s ineffective and not completely competitive.

Ukraine: metal prices to fall in 2016

Despite the free trade zone with EU, in 2016 demand for Ukrainian metal on world markets will continue to decrease.

Ukraine: metal product prices down in 2015

In 2015 industrial product prices increased by 25.4%.

Ukraine: Dniepropetrovsk region metal sales in January-November 2015

In January-November 2015 Dniepropetrovsk region sold 264 billion UAH of goods, with 61% owing to processing industry and 24% – to mining.

Ukraine: Dneprodzerzhinsk metal works ignoring ecological demands

In December 2015 the Dneprodzerzhinsk city council adopted a new ecological program. But the ecology activists think it needs reworking.

Ukraine: metal companies losses up in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukrainian metal companies EBIT reached minus 15.9 billion UAH, up by 11.2% YoY, or 1.6 billion UAH.

Ukraine: metal makers speak against railroad tariffs increase

Chairman of the Metallurgists Federation of Ukraine Sergey Belenky said Ukrzaliznytsia shouldn’t increase the cost of its services under the recessing economy.

Ukraine: all metal works against railroad tariff rise

Management of the major Ukrainian mining and metal companies has addressed the government asking it to impose a moratorium on the railroad cargo transportation tariffs increase.

Ukraine: railroad tariffs increase to kill metal makers

The Ministry of infrastructure plans to increase railroad transportation tariffs by 30% in 2016. This will lead to the further recession in Ukrainian economy.