Most of Ferrexpo carriages have been arrested.

“We were not able to return our carriages. We partially use Bilanovskiy GOK and Yeristovo GOK carriages. But the most part – 2.3 thousand carriages – has been arrested,” Poltava GOK chairman of the board Victor Lotous has said.

Some carriages stand on the territory of the enterprise, while some are all over Ukraine.

“So, we replace them with carriages of third parties. We are not satisfied with their quality. Loading is delayed, because carriages come unprepared. And we spend a lot of efforts and labor resources to make the carriages ready for loading. That’s also economic losses for us, because we pay more for using carriages of third parties compared with our carriages,” he said.

The company loses up to 20 million UAH per month on use of other carriages. (Ukrainian metal)

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