Russia: construction companies reduce metal purchases

In July ferroconcrete structures and housing constructing plants purchased 12.9 thousand tons of rolled metal.

According to the railroad statistics, deliveries fell by 30.7% YoY.

In January-July deliveries reached 105.9 thousand tons, down by 33.9% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: rolled metal deliveries to service metal centers down in July 2018

In July direct deliveries of rolled metal to the major service metal centers, which produce construction metal wares, totaled 207.6 thousand tons.

According to railroad statistics, that’s 4.1% below the corresponding last year result.

In January-July railroad delivery reached 1.36 million tons, up by 5.5% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel deliveries to metal traders down in July 2018

In July bases of the main Russian trading companies and networks received 0.92 million tons of steel products (rolled metal and pipes), including imported metal.

According to the railroad statistics, the volume dropped by 9.5% YoY.

In January-July railroad transported 6.33 million tons of steel to traders, up by 1.1% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: scrap railroad deliveries up in July 2018

According to railroad statistics, direct ferrous scrap deliveries to major Russian metal companies and pipe works reached 1.44 million tons, up by 14% YoY.

In January-July scrap deliveries grew by 1.1% YoY, to 7.37 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChelZinc produces a trial batch of cadmium pigments

Chelyabinsk Zinc Works has entered another stage of the manufacture diversification program. The first trial batch of cadmium pigments has been produced. The pigments are mostly used in coating that requires chemical stability, heat- and weather-resistance. Instead of metallic cadmium ChelZinc uses cadmium electrolyte in the manufacture of pigments, thus decreasing expenses. “The volume of…

Russia: aluminum exports down in June 2018

In January-June Russia exported 1.551 million tons of raw aluminum valued at $2.8 billion, up by 15.4% and by 32.1% YoY respectively. According to the Federal Customs Service, in June exports dropped by 34% MoM, to 272 thousand tons valued at $482.6 million, down by 34.1%. Rusal is Russia’s largest producer of primary aluminum. Last…

Russia: metal exports up in July 2018

In July major Russian metal companies shipped 5.28 million tons of steel and pipes via railroad, up by 5.3% YoY. Deliveries to the domestic market totaled 3.05 million tons (+0.4%), while exports grew by 12.8%, to 2.23 million tons. In January-July deliveries reached 37.62 million tons, up by 5.6% YoY. Local customers received 21.29 million…