Kazakhstan: scrap exports ban prolonged

The government has prolonged for 2 years the ban to export steel scrap, including pipes, rails, and elements of railroad and rolling stock.

Stainless steel scrap exports are allowed provided the contracts are registered with the Ministry of Economy not later than 5 days before shipping.

The ban was introduced in October 2018. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Translom allowed to buy TMK-Chermet

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has allowed a company affiliated with Translom to buy the Sinara Group scrap procuring business. According to the analysts the merged company will not control more than 14% of the scrap market. In particular, Germes was allowed to buy TMK-Chermet. There are no companies with the market share over 35% in…

Russia: scrap exports up in June 2019

In June Russia exported 590.3 thousand tons of scrap, up by 17.5% YoY and by 31% MoM. According to the Federal Customs Statistics, in 6 months exports dropped by 13%, to 2.44 million tons. Turkey remains the main customer accounting for 44% of all Russian scrap exports, down by 15%. Average price in June was…

Ukraine: scrap prices to fall

The state concern Ukrpromvneshekspertisa forecasts that prices of ferrous scrap will fall by 3.5-3.6%, to 5.3-5.5 thousand UAH per ton. Local metal companies will be cautiously decreasing the price of raw materials purchased due to the drop of rolled metal cost on world markets. But the price drop will not be considerable, as scrap procurement…

Ukraine: scrap imports up in January-July 2019

In January-June Ukraine imported 39.394 thousand tons of scrap valued at $22.024 million, up by 52.7% and by 0.1% YoY respectively. According to the State Fiscal Service, the main suppliers were Turkey (49.5%), Russia (41.65%) and the Netherlands (3.02%). Ukraine also imported 488 tons of hot-briquetted iron from Russia valued at $166 thousand, as opposed…

Ukraine: scrap exports down in January-July 2019

In January-July Ukraine decreased steel scrap exports 7.6-fold YoY, to 36.297 thousand tons, valued at $10.186 million, down 9.1-fold. According to the State Fiscal Service, in July Ukraine exported 0.204 thousand tons of scrap, in June – 0.208 thousand tons, in May – 8.086 thousand tons, in April – 8.791 thousand tons, in March –…

Russia: scrap exports to be limited

Russia can limit the export of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap to countries, which are not parts of the Eurasian Economic Union from January 1, 2020. The exports will be limited to the volumes purchased at the exchange. This will make the scrap exports more transparent. For the past 10 years Russia has been procuring…

Russia: scrap imports from Kazakhstan up in May 2019

In May Russia increased scrap imports from Kazakhstan by 19% YoY, to 59 thousand tons.

At the same time, in monthly terms imports fell by 31%.

In January-May Russia imported 268.3 thousand tons of scrap from Kazakhstan, up by 72%.

Average price in May on Russian border was $234.4 per ton. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap exports down in H1 2019

In January-June Ukraine exported 36.723 thousand tons of scrap, down 7.4-fold YoY, valued at $10.086 million, down 8.8-fold. According to the State Fiscal Service, in June 0.208 thousand tons of scrap were exported, in May – 8.086 thousand tons, in April – 8.791 thousand tons, in March – 8.246 thousand tons, in February – 8.252…

Russia: government sets scrap export quota

The Russian government has made a decision to impose temporal quoting of scrap exports. From July 1 till December 31, the delivery of ferrous metals scrap and wastes to countries other than EAEU members will be subject to quantitative limitations. The Ministry of Finances and the Ministry of Economical Development have approved of the decision.…

Ukraine: all UZ June 2019 scrap auctions fail

5 new auctions to sell scrap, organized by Ukrzaliznytsia in the ProZorro system, have been announced not taken place.

In particular, no offer came for the lots auctioned on June 3.

The auctions had to take place on June 18. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap collection falls as export duties bite

Ukrainian scrap collection volumes have fallen over the past year, dented by declining availability of obsolete scrap and a sharp fall in exports. Total Ukrainian scrap collection fell by 7% YoY, to 1.04 million tons in January-April, industry association UAVtormet’s president, Volodymyr Boubley, said last week. The trend continued in May amid extended holidays at…