Russia: SUMZ revenue up in H1 2018

In January-June Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Works reports increase in revenue.

In particular, its amount has grown almost 2-fold YoY, from 9.19 billion rubles to 16.71 billion rubles.

Gross profit totaled 2.73 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SUMZ repairs Vanyukov furnace

Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Works has put into operation the Vanyukov furnace No. 1 after capital repairs.

The project envisioned the repair of the metallic frame of the furnace, loading tract, matte and slag mixers, refractory lining, etc.

SUMZ repairs furnaces every two years.

Thus, each year one of the SUMZ furnaces is repaired. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SUMZ to invest 200 million rubles in Vanyukov furnace repair

Sredneuralsky Copper-Smelting Works has started the scheduled repair of the Vanyukov furnace No. 1.

The company intends to invest some 238 million rubles in the repair.

The furnace commissioning is scheduled for June 8.

The Vanyukov furnace No. 1 was put into operation in 1994, and No. 2 in 2009. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SUMZ processes quarter of copper slag

In 10 years Sredneuralsky Copper Works has processed over a quarter (26%) of metal slag, accumulated during 78 years of operation. According to the SUMZ chief environment engineer Marina Sycheva, each year the processing factory produces over 60 thousand tons of copper concentrate, which the works uses in its manufacture. Another product of slag processing…

Russia: SUMZ assets being demolished

The Sredneuralsky Copper-Smelting Works has started demolishing the main premises of the double superphosphate shop. The shop was put out of operation in February 2009. The size of the premises is 17 thousand square meters, it consists of 5 buildings, being demolished one after another. The demolition of the main premises started in summer of…

Russia: SUMZ finishes repair of VF2

The Sredneuralsk Copper Works has finished the capital repair of its Vanukov furnace No. 2. The furnace has been put back in operation. The VF2 was shut down for the scheduled repairs in April, and the overhaul instead of 80 days lasted for 66 days. The cost of the repair was 184 million rubles. (Ukrainian…

Russia: SUMZ profits up in 2016

In 2016 Sredneuralsky Copper-Smelting Works, a part of UMMC, increased its net profits 10-fold YoY. According to the company statement, it received 2.912 billion rubles of profits, as opposed to 300 million rubles in 2015. In 2014 the company reached the highest volume of net losses – 5.2 billion rubles. Revenues in 2016 increased by…

Russia: SUMZ revamps non-ferrous casting shop

The Sredneuralsk Copper Works, a part of UMMC, has assembled a centrifugal casting machine and two induction melting furnaces with the capacity of 1 ton each at its non-ferrous castings site. The size of the site, which is situated in the repairs premises, is 400 square meters. The company has also purchased two casting ladles…