Russia: SUMZ revenue up in H1 2018

In January-June Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Works reports increase in revenue.

In particular, its amount has grown almost 2-fold YoY, from 9.19 billion rubles to 16.71 billion rubles.

Gross profit totaled 2.73 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

CIS: pig iron output up in July 2018

In July Russia produced 4.475 million tons of pig iron, up by 3.9% YoY, with 4.331 million tons produced in June. In January-July Russia increased pig iron output by 1.3% YoY, to 30.39 million tons. Ukraine, though it has left CIS, improved pig iron output by 13.9% YoY, to 1.767 million tons in July, with…

Russia: ITZ supplies 108 thousand tons of pipes to Kharampurskoye deposits

Izhorsky Pipe Works has finished supplying over 100 thousand tons of large diameter pipes for the construction of the Kharampurskoye oil and gas condensate deposits in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. According to the contract, the company started supplying pipes in Q2 2017, having successfully completed the delivery in summer 2018. ITZ produced LDP with the diameter…

CIS: steel output up in July 2018

In July Russia produced 6.17 million tons of steel, up by 0.8% YoY, with 5.972 million tons produced in June. In 7 months steel output totaled 42.094 million tons, up by 2.2% YoY. Ukraine, which has already withdrawn from CIS, increased steel output in July by 11.4% YoY, to 1.629 million tons, with 1.711 million…

Russia: ChelZinc produces trial batch of indium alloy wire

Chelyabinsk Zinc Works produced a trial batch of wire made of indium alloys.

The wire consists of 52% of indium and of 48% of tin.

At present the company is studying the market.

Trial samples of wire have been sent to prospective customers. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel furnace vault destroyed at Bezhitskaya Stal

On August 30 the vault of the arc furnace at Bezhitskaya Stal was partially destroyed.

5 people were injured in the accident.

The company is operating in the normal mode, no manufacturing process has been suspended.

According to the preliminary inspection, it will not take long to resume the operation of the furnace. (Ukrainian metal)