Russia: steel exports down in January 2019

In January Russia exported 3.355 million tons of ferrous metals, down by 1.1% YoY. According to the Federal Customs Service, steel semi-finished products accounted for 1.306 million tons, up by 9.3% YoY. Flat rolled metal exports dropped by 10.5%, to 0.652 million tons. In monetary terms ferrous exports decreased by 6.6%, to $1.567 billion, with…

Russia: steel continues growing in price

Russian steel manufacturers have started increasing prices for local customers because of the ongoing growth of export prices. Thus, NLMK has increased its January 2018 prices for hot- and cold-rolled metal by 10%, and Severstal – by 4%. Steel started getting expensive in December. In just one week (December 15-22) average local prices have grown…

Russia: steel exports to US up in January-August 2017

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, in 2017 USA will import 35.9 million tons of steel, up by 20% YoY. Russian companies will contribute the most.

In January-August US imported 24.09 million tons of steel, up by 20.5% YoY.

In particular, Russia supplied 2.12 million tons, up by 65.6% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel sheet exports to Turkey up in July 2017

In July Turkey imported 830.2 thousand tons of rolled sheet, up by 32.3% YoY.

Hot-rolled sheet accounted for 501.9 thousand tons, up by 38.3% YoY. The largest supplier is still Russia.

In July Russia supplied 262.5 thousand tons of hot-rolled metal to Turkey. Imports from Ukraine reached 30.4 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel imports up in January 2017

In January the share of metal and wares in the imports from far foreign countries totaled 5.3% (5.4% in 2016), with monetary volume up by 34.4% YoY, and physical volume – by 36.8%. According to the Federal Customs Service, ferrous metals imports increased by 39.5%, with pipe imports down by 24.3%, and iron and alloyed…

Russia: steel exports via Antwerp up in 2016

The port of Antwerp says Russia is its fourth-largest trading partner. In 2016 the port handled 11.2 million tons of cargo from or destined for the world’s largest country. Steel and container freight continue to do particularly well in this area. In 2016 steel imports from Russia rose from 268,000 to no less than 424,000…

Russia: steel exports up in January-October 2016

In January-October Russian steel exports totaled 35.563 million tons, up by 3% YoY. Exports to far foreign countries accounted for 31.127 million tons. Ferrous metals exports (apart from pig iron, ferroalloys, waste and scrap) totaled 24.131 million tons, up by 4.6% YoY. Far foreign countries imported 20.859 million tons of ferrous metals. Semi-finished carbon steel…