Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals output up in 2018

In 2018 KAZ Minerals increased copper output by 14% YoY, to 294.7 thousand tons, mostly due to the high production at Aktogai. Gold manufacture increased to 183.4 thousand ounces from 178.7 thousand ounces. Silver output was 3.511 million ounces (3.506 million ounces). The annual target was 3 million ounces. The manufacture of zinc concentrate (49.7…

Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals pays debts

The net debt of KAZ Minerals as of September 30 decreased to $1.986 billion from $2.052 billion as of June 30.

In Q3 the company also paid interest on the loans in the amount of $99 million.

Royalty payments totaled $49 million.

The gross debt of the group is $3.502 billion. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals copper output up in January-September 2018

In January-September KAZ Minerals increased raw copper output by 12% YoY, to 216.8 thousand tons.

According to the group statement, in Q3 output grew by 7% QoQ, to 77.2 thousand tons.

Zinc manufacture in 9 months decreased to 38.3 thousand tons from 45.8 thousand tons last year. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: Aktogay Factory reaches projected capacity

Aktogay Processing Factory, a part of KAZ Minerals, has reached the level of the projected sulfide ore processing capacity.

Because of the higher than expected copper content in the ore, the factory will produce 70-85 thousand tons of copper in 2017.

Now the group awaits good results from Bozshakol as well. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: KAZ Minerals profits up in H1 2017

In January-June KAZ Minerals EBITDA totaled $240 million, up from $91 million in H1 2016.

The company profits in the period increased from $302 million to $721 million.

In 2016 KAZ Minerals increased its gross profit by 43% YoY, to $969 million. (Ukrainian metal)