Baikalrud LLC intends to construct a Yugo-Zapadniy mine at the Noion-Tologoyskoye polymetallic ore deposits.

“Its projected capacity will be 850 thousand tons of ore per year. Earlier we were allowed to start constructing the Yugo-Vostochniy mine with the capacity of 350 thousand tons. It is being constructed. In 2019 we intend to put both of them into operation and reach the capacity of 1 million tons per year”, the company deputy CEO Vyacheslav Ablets said.

The balance reserves of the Noion-Tologoyskoye deposits are 8985 thousand tons or ore. Baikalrud received the license to operate there in 2005. The processing factory produces KS-4 lead concentrate and KZ-4 zinc concentrate with the metal content of 55% and 45% respectively. (Ukrainian metal)

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