A representative of the Swiss company “Argor-Heraeus SA”, one of the biggest refining companies of the world with which “AzerGold” Closed Joint-Stock Company is working, has visited Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the visit was to get more acquainted with the Azerbaijani company’s operations.

The Argor representative has been to Chovdar Ore Processing Area located in Dashkasan and familiarized with the process structure, operation principles of the mine on-site.

Afterwards a meeting was held between Zakir Ibrahimov, the chairman of executive board of the Company and representative of “Argor-Heraeus SA” at the head office of “AzerGold” CJSC located in Baku.

“AzerGold” CJSC intends to dispatch 67 pieces of auri-argentiferous bullions produced in Chovdar Ore Processing Area for refining to the Swiss company in June. Gold and silver to be obtained thereafter will be brought out for sale in international stock market.

“AzerGold” CJSC managed to refine and sell 66 pieces of auri-argentiferous bullions last month through “Argor-Heraeus SA” and contributed to Azerbaijan economy resources valued approximately at 35 million manats. By the end of the year, “AzerGold” CJSC is planning to gain profit valued approximately at 145 million manats from gold and silver sales of 2017. (Trend/Ukrainian metal)

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