Russia: platinum output up in January-February 2018

In January-February Russia increased raw and semi-raw platinum output by 5% YoY, and silver – by 48%.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in February platinum output grew by 3% YoY, and silver – by 3.3%.

As to January platinum manufacture increased by 56.9% and silver – by 51.3%. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: gold output up in January 2018

In January Kazakhstan’s production of raw gold and semi-processed gold, or in powder form, increased by 8.7% YoY and amounted to 5,978 kg. According to the Statistics Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of National Economy, in the reporting period the production of raw silver and semi-processed silver, or in powder form, was equal to 59,644…

Russia: gold output up in 2017

In 2017 Russia obtained 306.9 tons of gold, up by 6.3% YoY. According to the Ministry of Finances press-service, mined gold output totaled 253.9 tons (237.8 tons in 2016), by-product gold – 16.4 tons (15.3 tons) and secondary gold – 36.6 tons (35.4 tons). Silver output in 2017 decreased by 4% YoY, to 1.044 million…

Russia: gold output up in 2017

Russia’s gold output increased by 6.4% YoY, to 306.9 tons in 2017, the Finance Ministry said in a statement on February 13 with data on supplies of the metal to gold refining plants. Mined gold output rose by 6.8%, to 253.9 tons, by-product gold output increased by 7.2%, to 16.4 tons, and gold scrap production…

Russia: Yakutia silver output to grow in 2018

This year Yakutia will increase silver output 2.5-fold YoY, to 80 tons.

In 2017 silver output exceeded the target by 26.7%.

Last year gold-extracting companies obtained 24.8 tons, up by 2.8% YoY. Ore gold mining grew by 10.3%, to 14.6 tons, while that of alluvial decreased by 6.3%, to 10.2 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: gold output up in 2017

In 2017 Russia increased gold output by 7.9% YoY.

According to the Rosstat, silver production dropped by 0.6%.

In December 2017 gold output grew by 1.3% YoY, while silver – fell by 4.6%.

At the same time gold output growth was 2.5% MoM and silver – 45.7%. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: gold output up in 2017

In 2017 Kazakhstan produced 85029 kg of gold, up by 13.8% YoY.

According to the Ministry of the national economy, silver output dropped by 10.8%, to 1058605 kg. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Gorniy site starts yielding gold

Kanchalano-Amguemskaya Ploschad LLC has begun industrial gold-extracting at the Gorniy site of the Zhilnoye deposits in Chukotka. The first ore has been sent to the gold-extracting factory of the Valunisty mine, and the first ingots are expected this month. By the end of the second quarter the company intends to have obtained 505 kg of…

Ukraine: gold and silver exports prohibited

Ukraine has retained the zero quota on gold, silver, precious metals wastes and scrap exports for 2018.

The corresponding norm is contained in the Cabinet of Ministers decree dated December 20 and published in the state newspaper Uryadovy Courier on December 23. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SBR Vertikalnoye resources increased

Silver Bear Resources Plc has increased the resources of its Vertikalnoye deposits in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to 1.8 million ounces of silver. The resources have been moved to the Measured and Indicated category with the silver content of 1572 g per ton. At present the company is storing ore to start silver manufacture…