Russia: ferrous metals throughput at NMTP up in January-April 2019

In January-April the consolidated throughput of Nakhodka Sea Trade Port terminals totaled 46.636 million tons, up by 0.3% YoY.

Ferrous metals and pig iron accounted for 4.571 million tons, up by 3.4%.

Non-ferrous metals throughput dropped by 21.2%, to 0.292 million tons.

Iron ore indexes grew by 33.5%, to 0.969 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal transportation via Dnepr up in January-May 2019

In January-May Ukraine increased metal cargo transportation via the Dnepr River by 39.4% YoY, to 441.5 thousand tons.

In May, 210.4 thousand tons were transported, almost as much as during January-April.

Last year metal companies transported 1.29 million tons of cargo via the Dnepr River, up by 6.7% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)