Ukraine: Interpipe sells 250 million UAH worth of pipes

Ukrgazvydobuvannya has ordered Interpipe-Ukraine LLC the delivery of pipes valued at 254.67 million UAH.

In particular, the company has been ordered 4963 tons of various pipes.

The pipes are to be produced by Interpipe Niko Tube, Interpipe NTZ and Interpipe NMTZ. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Interpipe NTZ chairman fired

The supervisory board of Interpipe NTZ has relieved the chairman of the board Yevgeniy Kopayev of his duties at his request. At present the acting chairman is Sergey Kostenko, the chief engineer of the company. Kopayev’s office ended on June 27. Kostenko has been appointed from June 28. Yevgeniy Kopayev has been the acting chairman…

Ukraine: Interpipe reports Internet-fraud

Interpipe has warned its agents of the Internet-fraud attempts connected with incorrect bank info. “One of our traders has received fake documents with false bank info to pay for the goods. The criminals have created a false e-mail to send out bills with the domain similar to Interpipe’s”, the company reported. Interpipe is aware of…

Ukraine: Interpipe NTZ profits in 2017

In 2017 Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe-rolling Works received 313.4 million UAH of net profit as opposed to the net loss of 1.14 billion UAH in 2016. Last year the company increased net income 2.1-fold YoY, to 10.42 billion UAH. EBITDA reached 279.87 million UAH as opposed to the negative result of 1.31 billion UAH in 2016.…

Ukraine: Interpipe NTMZ losses down in 2017

In 2017 Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Works decreased net losses by 48.5% YoY, to 120.281 million UAH. According to the company statement, its undistributed profit as of the end of 2017 totaled 359.17 million UAH. The company current liabilities dropped by 5.9%, to 1.629 billion UAH, while fixed liabilities grew by 11.3%, to 62.743 million UAH.…

Ukraine: Interpipe NTZ profits in 2017

In 2017 Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe works received 313.396 million UAH of net profit as opposed to 1136.428 million UAH of net loss in 2016. According to the company statement, its current liabilities increased by 49.3%, to 11695.211 million UAH, with fixed liabilities up by 3.2%, to 3789.075 million UAH. At the same time accounts receivable…

Ukraine: Interpipe invests $250 million in pipe-wheel manufacture

Lately Interpipe has invested some $250 million in its pipe-wheel manufacture. “We have invested almost $100 million in the manufacture of railroad products and around $150 million in pipes”, Interpipe corporate issues director Dmitry Kisilevsky declared. Earlier it was reported that Interpipe commissioned additional capacities on wheel treatment. Investment totaled $8 million. The new capacities…

Ukraine: Interpipe NTZ shares sold

The Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund has sold 94.6 thousand shares of Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe-rolling Works for 32.9 thousand UAH.

The Ukrainian Stock Exchange played a host to the auction of assets of Bank Forum.

As the result, Interpipe NTZ shares in the amount of 94622 were sold for 32.877 thousand UAH. (Ukrainian metal)