Ukraine: Evraz Sukhaya Balka ore output down in January-September 2017

In January-September Evraz Sukhaya Balka produced 1.847 million tons of iron ore, down by 5.1% YoY.

In September output was 235 thousand tons.

In 2016 the enterprise produced 2.564 million tons of iron ore, down by 8.8% YoY.

The company capacity is 3.1 million tons of ore per year. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Evraz Sukhaya Balka still not renamed

The Evraz Sukhaya Balka shareholders meeting scheduled for October 11 did not take place.

According to the company statement, the meeting was postponed till November.

This meeting had to rename the company and make amendments to its charter documents. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Yaroslavsky elected Evraz Sukhaya Balka supervisory board chairman

The supervisory board of Evraz Sukhaya Balka, recently bought by DCH group from Evraz, appointed Alexander Yaroslavsky its chairman.

The election took place on August 2.

Yaroslavsky has been appointed chairman until the next annual shareholders meeting. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: wages at Sukhaya Balka up

The salary of Evraz Sukhaya Balka miners was increased by 20% from May 19.

“As the result of the May 10-11 strike with the demand to increase salary, the company decided to increase wages by 20%”, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union Mikhail Volynets wrote on his Facebook page. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Sukhaya Balka strike ends

Evraz Sukhaya Balka miners have stopped their strike.

On May 12 all the miners returned to the surface.

For more than two days employees of two mines remained on their working places demanding increase of wages. On May 11 all the work at the mines was halted for safety reasons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Evraz Sukhaya Balka still not allowed to mine ore

Evraz Sukhaya Balka is idle because of the absence of license to mine iron ore.

According to sources, as of the late March, the company still has not received all the necessary documents to resume operation.

In January-February the enterprise mined 413 thousand tons of sinter ore. (Ukrainian metal)