EAEU: galvanized metal investigation prolonged

The Department of the protection of the inner market of the Eurasian economic commission has prolonged the antidumping investigation of the import of galvanized metal of Ukrainian and Chinese origin.

The investigation is prolonged until October 28.

The original investigation has been initiated by MMK, NLMK and Severstal. (Ukrainian metal)

EAEU: antidumping duties on Ukrainian steel rolls prolonged

The Eurasian Economic Committee has prolonged the antidumping duties on steel forged rolls from Ukraine.

The duty has been prolonged till February 25, 2020.

At present the size of the duty is 26%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: antidumping investigation on hot-deformed pipes from China started

Ukraine has started an antidumping investigation on the import of steel seamless hot-deformed pipes from China.

The investigation was initiated by Interpipe Niko Tube.

The Ministry of Economical Development and Trade has been tasked with the investigation. (Ukrainian metal)

EAEU: EEC to limit aluminum belt imports

The department of the inner market protection of the Eurasian Economic Committee has started an antidumping investigation of the aluminum belt originating from Azerbaijan and China and imported to the territory of the Union. The information available points to dumping imports of aluminum belt, produced by Azerbaijani and Chinese companies, and damages to the EAEU…

Russia: EC investigating ferrosilicon supplies

The European Commission has started another investigation of ferrosilicon imports from China and Russia. The previous antidumping duties, imposed in April 2014, have expired. The initiative to start a new investigation came from Euroalliages. The association believes that the cancellation of duties will result in new dumping deliveries and damages to the European companies. Duties…

EAEU: another investigation on Ukrainian rolls started

The Department of the domestic market protection of the Eurasian Economic Commission has initiated another antidumping investigation of the delivery of forged steel rolls for metal-rolling mills originating from Ukraine. The investigation has been initiated because the antidumping measures have expired. The basis for the investigation is that in January-September 2018 deliveries of Ukrainian rolls…

Ukraine: metal makers expecting import duties on Russian and Chinese galvanized metal

Ukrainian manufacturers of galvanized rolled metal await the implementation of the preliminary protective measures on the import of these products from China and Russia. According to the executive director of the Ukrainian Center of Steel Construction, Vyacheslav Kolesnik, in August-September 2018 the imports of Chinese galvanized metal reached their peak, but after that dropped sharply.…

Ukraine: metal companies waiting for Russian and Chinese galvanized metal duties

Ukrainian galvanized metal manufacturers have been harmed by the increase in imports from China and Russia. According to Metinvest Holding marketing director Roman Kurashev, unless state authorities take measures, the situation could worsen. “Following the protective measures taken by Europe, US, Canada and Turkey, we expect a considerable increase of imports from China and Russia,…

Ukraine: US prolongs ferrosilicomanganese antidumping duties

The Department of Trade has decided to prolong the antidumping duties on ferrosilicomanganese from Ukraine.

The duty is prolonged for 5 more years.

The size of the duty is 163%.

This was the fourth 5-year review of the duty since 1994. (Ukrainian metal)