Main shareholder of the Central Asian Uranium Company LLC and a representative of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Popov, said when Kara-Balta Mining Plant (KBMP) would start working and how Russian investments would help the mining sector of Kyrgyzstan.

– An agreement between the Central Asian Uranium Company LLC (Russia) and Kara-Balta Mining Plant OJSC (KBMP OJSC) for $30 million was signed during the 8th Kyrgyz-Russian Interregional Conference. Tell us about the details of the project.

– First of all, we want to restore and modernize the plant, and launch it. As for the details, now I can say that production at KBMP will be launched in the near future. At the same time, we do not divide what part of $30 million will be used to modernize the plant, and what to develop Kyzyl-Ompol field. This is a common project.

– Why is your project beneficial for the population?

– First of all, it will bring environmental safety to the region. After all, in fact, thanks to the mining of uranium at Kyzyl-Ompol field, we free the territory from radiation and harmful metals. Our production is completely safe in environmental terms.

– Is your company in Kyrgyzstan limited only to the mining and enrichment of uranium or will there be more projects?

– No, we are not going to stop on the uranium industry only. We plan to invest in the mining sector of Kyrgyzstan. We plan mining of other minerals. For example, there are gold, silver and copper deposits in Talas.

– Where will the metals be processed?

– In this regard, I want to immediately stress that we will not export concentrates outside Kyrgyzstan. Processing will take place within the country, at KBMP. We plan to build a processing factory on the basis of the plant. Investors have set maximum loading of the plant as their goal to make it work without downtime. ( metal)

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