A group of people’s deputies have asked the chairman of the Council of the National Security and Protection Alexander Turchinov to include Demurinsky Mining and Processing Works (Dnipro) into the sanction list of Russian enterprises.

“Ilmenite, the raw material to manufacture the main war metal – titanium – Russia buys mostly from Ukraine. This titanium returns to us to Donbass as lethal products of the Russian military industry – weapons and ammo. But it happens so that the Russians not only buy ilmenite from us, but actually produce it on our territory”, a PD Andrei Denisenko declared.

According to him, the concentrate is manufactured at Demurinsky GOK, a part of the Russian state corporation Rostec.

In order to stop the export of strategically important raw materials to the aggressor state the people deputies have written a letter to the Council of the National Security asking it to impose sanctions on the owners of the enterprise. (Ukrainian metal)

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