The Belarusian science plays a key role in building a knowledge economy, Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus Alexander Shumilin said during the international symposium on various aspects of powder metallurgy, including surface engineering, new powder composite materials, and welding, on April 5.

“Today the Belarusian science plays a key role in building a knowledge economy and implementing the state program for innovative development. The science achieves these things by applying the best research and development results in the real economy,” Alexander Shumilin said.

According to him, powder metallurgy boasts many advantages. It enables manufacturers to make materials that would be difficult or impossible to make another way. Powder metallurgy also allows manufacturing products with advanced technical and economic properties.

Belarus has a number of cutting-edge R&D products in the area of metalworking, welding, metal cutting, powder metallurgy and corrosion protection. They would be impossible without an active contribution of Belarusian scientists and without assimilating the R&D results into manufacturing, Alexander Shumilin underlined.

The Research Division of the Belarusian National Technical University has developed a composite material and a technology to use it to make expansion joints. The Powder Metallurgy Institute has developed low-alloy steel and a technology to manufacture low-alloy working components of gerotor oil pumps with pressure up to 60 bar. The Physical-Engineering Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has developed composite materials; their manufacturing technologies and a technology to apply diamond grinding tools in high-speed glass processing and ceramics. The institute has developed a vitrified-bonded diamond abrasive tool with an adjustable cutting power for high-speed grind finishing of diamonds and superhard diamond composite materials. The international symposium on powder metallurgy gathered over 100 participants from 9 countries in Minsk on April 5. (BelTA/Ukrainian metal)

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