Russia: ZEMZ finishes large-scale reconstruction project

On November 19 ZEMZ put into operation a new site of Bosio thermal furnaces.

The site has 5 thermal furnaces with the maximum temperature of up to 10 thousand degrees C.

The furnaces will be used to heat rounds, squares and slabs.

The average monthly output of each furnace will be 900 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ZEMZ finishes H1 2018 with positive dynamics

In January-June ZEMZ stocked 17.345 thousand tons of metal, up from 14.4 thousand tons in H1 2017.

The trend to increase output was seen in January, and from April they increased by a third.

In June ZEMZ stocked 3095 tons of metal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr and ZEMZ developing cooperation

Since April Krasniy Octyabr Volgograd Iron and Steel Works has started receiving the billets for rerolling from Zlatoust Electrometallurgical Works.

This will allow the sheet-rolling shop of VMK to quickly and in full provide for fulfilling orders.

In January-February Krasniy Octyabr received some 600 tons of slabs from ZEMZ. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ZEMZ to increase arc shop output

A new arc furnace with the volume of 12 tons will start operating in April at ZEMZ. Its capacity is 27 thousand tons of steel per year. Previously the company operated only 2 furnaces, which provided the combined output of 3800 tons of liquid steel per month. The commissioning of another furnace will increase output…

Russia: ZEMZ starts producing slabs of new sizes

In October ZEMZ started producing slabs of 12X18H10T steel with the size of 150×680 and 150×700 mm for the Krasniy Oktyabr Iron and Steel Works.

This is the first time that ZEMZ produces slabs of such a width.

The slabs have been manufactured at the 1150-mill of the rolling shop No. 1. (Ukrainian metal)