Russia: pipe exports down in H1 2019

In January-June Russia exported 1.7 million tons of pipes valued at $808 million, down by 26% and by 51% YoY respectively. According to the customs statistics, Kazakhstan remains the main importer of Russian pipes, accounting for 41.6%, up 2.6-fold. It is followed by the US (15.7%, up 1.7-fold) and Belarus (11%, down by 1.6%). The…

Russia: Gazprom expecting pipe price rise

Gazprom fears that quotas for hot-rolled metal of Ukrainian and South Korean origin will result in the large diameter pipes price increase and the monopolization of the sphere. Thus, the gas monopoly has joined a list of those not in favor of the EEC decision. The decision of the European Economic Commission to impose a…

Russia: import of some types of Ukrainian pipes allowed

Russia has temporarily allowed importing some products from the sanctioned list.

In particular, until October 1, 2021 it is allowed to import some types of pipe products.

The sanctions on imports from Ukraine were applied in April. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: pipe exports down in January-April 2019

In January-April, Russia exported 534.4 thousand tons of steel pipes valued at $478 million, down by 43% and by 56.5% YoY respectively.

The largest importer was Kazakhstan – 26%, up by 46.7%, followed by US (24.2%, up almost 3-fold) and Belarus (14.5%, up by 3.2%). (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: pipe imports in January-May 2019

In January-May, Ukraine imported 48.4 thousand tons of pipes valued at $77.8 million. In particular, seamless pipes accounted for 26.5 thousand tons ($42.9 million), pipes and tubes with the diameter from 406.4 mm – 6.5 thousand tons ($8.2 million), and other pipes and tubes – 15.3 thousand tons ($26.7 million). The main suppliers of seamless…

Russia: Liskimontazhkonstruktsia increases stainless pipes capacities

The output capacity of the Liskimontazhkonstruktsia pipe complex will be increased.

In particular, the company intends to increase stainless steel pipe manufacture to 11 thousand tons.

Last year the company shipped 370 tons of stainless pipes to Novatek.

The manufacturing site was officially opened in June 2017. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: new pipe works opens in Kurgan

A new enterprise started operating in the Kurgan industrial park – Kurgan Works of Energy Techniques. The works will produce steel pipes in PPU and PPM insulation, as well as pipe joints. Until the end of the year the company intends to produce some 23 thousand meters of pipes. Investments in the project totaled 76…

Russia: Ukrainian pipe imports prohibited

Russia has prohibited imports of some types of pipes from Ukraine. In particular, the prohibition covers seamless pipes, tubes and hollow sections, made of ferrous metals, except for pig iron, including of corrosion-resistant steel, round pipes of iron or unalloyed steel, as well as square and rectangular pipes. Moreover, the import of some types of…

Ukraine: pipe exports up in 2018

In 2018 Ukraine exported 657 thousand tons of pipes valued at $737.8 million. This is the highest result in the past 4 years. In 2015 Ukraine exported 594.1 thousand tons of pipes valued at $576.4 million. Thus, in 2018 exports grew by 9.5% and by 21.8% from 2015 respectively. Last year Ukraine exported 624.9 thousand…

Ukraine: pipes exports down in January 2019

In January Ukraine exported $48.728 million worth of steel pipes, down by 9.1% YoY.

Imports grew by 54.1%, to $19.118 million.

According to the State Fiscal Service, in January exports dropped by 13.6% MoM, while imports – by 2.3%, to $0.454 million.

USA imported the most pipes – $11.852 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: pipe exports up in 2018

In 2018 steel pipe exports grew by 29.9% YoY, to $737.852 million, while imports – by 50.5%, to $181.471 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, in December 2018 pipe exports dropped by 1.1% YoY, to $56.405 million, while imports increased by 47.4%, to $19.572 million. US were the largest importer of steel pipes in…

Russia: FAS to check pipe prices growth

The Federal Antimonopoly Service will check the reasoning behind the increase of the drilling pipe prices. In particular, FAS will investigate the increase of the price of pipe and metal purchased by oil companies. Russian metal and pipe prices follow world trends with a slight delay. In January-July the market witnessed a rise of hot-rolled…

Ukraine: pipe output up in January-November 2018

In January-November Ukraine increased pipe output by 5.7% YoY, to 1.019 million tons, including 78.2 thousand tons in November. In particular, Ukrtrubprom enterprises produced 732.7 thousand tons of pipes in 11 months, up by 14.1% YoY, including 55.4 thousand tons in November. Khartsyzsk Pipe Works and Lugansk Pipe Works were idle. Interpipe-NTZ produced 255.6 thousand…