Azerbaijan: gold exports up in Q1 2019

Azerbaijan earned as many as $32.5 million by exporting 775.35 kg of gold in January-March. In the same period last year, the export of gold from Azerbaijan made up 726.05 kg worth $30.9 million. Thus, the export of gold in quantitative terms increased by 6.8% and the revenue went up by 5.3%. Gold production in…

Russia: gold output up in Q1 2019

In January-March, Russia produced 58.12 tons of gold, up by 12.6% YoY.

Gold extracting grew by 15.5%, to 45.95 tons.

Manufacture of accompanying gold totaled 4.32 tons, up by 21%, and of secondary gold – 7.85 tons, down by 4.9%.

The main suppliers of gold were Magadan region and the Chukotka Autonomous District. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Zimovichi to extract 150 kg of gold

This year Zimovichi intends to extract 150 kg of alluvial gold.

This volume is on par with the previous year output.

The company will be operating at three sites – in the Amunakit, Verkhnyaya Larba and Tynda river valleys.

The washing season has not started yet because of the low temperature. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Stangold keeps gold output volumes unchanged

Stangold LLC has started the washing season and intends to extract 60 kg of gold.

According to the company, output has remained unchanged since 2017.

Since 2011 the company has been annually developing the alluvial gold sites at the Verkhniy Sirik Brook.

Reserves are estimated at 96.8 kg of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Alfa to extract 130 kg of gold in 2019

Alfa miners team, extracting gold in Khabarovsk region, intends to yield 130 kg this year.

Last year the output was 178 kg of gold.

In addition to extraction, the enterprise also has a prospecting license. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Vitim gold output down in April 2019

In April, Vitim started extracting alluvial gold in Irkuts region.

In just one month the company has extracted 200.2 kg of gold.

At the same time, in April 2018 the company yielded 206 kg of gold.

This year Vitim intends to extract 2800 kg of gold.

The extraction season will last till November. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polyus Verninskoye gold output up in Q1 2019

In January-March, Polyus Verninskoye produced 2.08 tons of gold, up by 30% QoQ and by 14% YoY.

Average gold content grew by 10% QoQ, to 2.9 g per ton.

Rock mining increased by 35%, to 5.6 thousand tons.

Ore output totaled 978 thousand tons, up by 51% QoQ. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polyus Aldan produces 2 tons of gold

As of May 3, Polyus Aldan has produced 2 tons of gold, almost 10 days earlier than last year.

The company is able to extract 70% of gold from ore with low gold content.

This year Polyus Aldan will turn 95. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Mangazeya Mining gold output up in 2018

Mangazeya Mining Ltd, mining gold in Zabaikalye region, in 2018 increased output by 13.9% YoY, to 27.7 thousand ounces. In particular, output at the Savkinskoye deposit dropped by 19.1%, to 19.7 thousand ounces. Operation at the Kochkovskoye deposit started in April 2018. Since then 6.56 thousand ounces of ore gold and 1.44 thousand ounces of…

Russia: Charan gets the Rachyu alluvial site

Charan LLC, extracting gold in the Republic of Sakha (Yaukutia) at the auction won the right to develop an alluvial gold site at the Rachyu Brook.

The company competitor was Sibresursproekt LLC.

Charan offered 1.320550 million rubles for the site. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kvartz to wash 100 kg of gold in 2019

The industrial company Kvartz, which is washing for alluvial gold in Zabaikalye region, intends to extract over 100 kg of gold this season.

Last year the company yielded 141 kg of gold.

This year the company will be operating at 5 sites.

The work started on April 29. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Seligdar gold sales up in January-April 2019

In the incomplete January-April, Seligdar sold 1035 kg of gold. Until the end of April the company intends to sell 220 kg more.

Thus, sales will total 1255 kg, up from 406 kg in January-April 2018.

In 4 months, Poisk team has yielded 65.668 kg of gold, up from 39.131 kg last year. (Ukrainian metal)