Ukraine: copper import and export in Q1 2019

In January-March, Ukraine increased copper and copper wares imports by 30.1%YoY, to $27.419 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, in March $11.753 million worth of copper and copper wares were imported. At the same time, exports decreased by 57.4%, to $19.412 million. In March Ukraine exported $7.739 million worth of copper and wares. (Ukrainian…

Russia: copper wire rod to be produced in Kaliningrad region

The architecture, city building and prospective development agency of the Kaliningrad region has allowed creating a small enterprise to produce copper wire rod in the city of Ozersk.

A 1-2-storey building with the size of 516 square meters will be constructed.

The Baltkat LLC will construct the plant. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Pravourminskoye places bonds

On February 22 Pravourminskoye LLC was accepting offers for its BO-01 bonds valued at 3 billion rubles. The placement of 10-year bonds is scheduled for February 27. The maturity date is March 31, 2028. The value of each bond is 1 thousand rubles. In December 2012 the company placed 7-year bonds valued at 3 billion…

Armenia: re-launch of Teghut mine possible

The Teghut mine might get re-launched, according to Minister of Economic Development and Investments Tigran Khachatryan. When asked about the chances of Teghut resuming operations, the minister said: “Yes, there is hope, nothing is hindering them to start restoration works after clarifying their relations with the bank,” he said. In 2017, Teghut produced and exported…

Kazakhstan: copper ore mining up in 2018

Last year copper ore mining reached 103.2 million tons, up by 8.2% YoY.

Copper concentrate output grew by 15.7%, to 12.9 million tons, and copper in copper concentrate – by 15.5%, to 580.6 thousand tons.

At the same time copper-zinc ores mining dropped by 4.2%, to 4.8 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: copper ore mining up in 2018

Over the past year, mining of copper ore rose by 8.2% YoY, to 103.2 million tons. The country produced 12.9 million tons of copper concentrates (+15.7%), 4.8 million tons of copper-zinc ores (-4.2%), and 580.6 thousand tons of copper in copper concentrate (+15.5%). The main copper ore miners are East Kazakhstan (37% of the total…

Russia: copper exports up in January-November 2018

In January-November 2019 Russia exported 758.5 thousand tons of primary copper valued at $4830 million, up by 12.7% and by 19.3% YoY respectively.

In November 2018 the price of primary copper was $5957 per ton, down by 9.2% YoY.

The price of copper wire rod (wire) was $6083 per ton. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: 268 billion rubles to be invested in Peschanka

The volume of private investments into the gold-copper deposit Peschanka in Chukotka Autonomous District will reach 268 billion rubles.

3 thousand jobs will be created.

The Peschanka JORC resources are 9.5 million tons of copper and 16.5 million ounces of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Medvedev orders government to auction copper and cobalt ore site

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a ruling to hold a 413.07-million ruble auction.

The right to develop the Zapadny Kara-Kulsky bismuthiferous copper and cobalt ore site in the Altai region will be sold, according to the ruling published on the government’s website on October 2. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: major mineral exploration project implemented

A major mineral exploration project is being implemented in Kazakhstan’s Karaganda region in cooperation with foreign investors. An Australian-UK concern, the name of which was not disclosed, allocated 9 billion tenges to search for minerals. The total exploration area is 17,000 square meters. The exploration is carried out at sections in Balkhash-Saryshagan and Korgantas regions.…