Ukraine: metal exports down in February 2018

In February metal exports from Ukraine dropped by 5.5% MoM, to 638.6 thousand tons.

According to the state enterprise Derzhzovnishinform, revenue decreased by 4.4%, to $828.8 million.

In January revenue from metal exports was $867 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal exports to Russia up in Q1 2017

In January-March trade turnover with Russia increased by 34%, to $3.384 billion.

Exports increased by 26%, to $1.67 billion, and imports – by 43%, to $1.714 billion.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals exports amounted to $283 million, up by 80%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal trade with occupied Donbass in 2016

In 2016 Ukraine imported 1.35 million tons (31.55 thousand wagons) of coke from the uncontrolled territories, and supplied 193.6 thousand tons of coke (4.52 thousand wagons) there. According to the Ukrzaliznytsia report, iron and manganese ore imports from uncontrolled territories totaled 28.72 thousand tons (430 wagons), exports – 5.27 million tons (76.54 thousand wagons). Ferrous…

Ukraine: metal exports down in 2015

The state informational and analytical center Gosvneshinform reports metal exports in 2015 decreased by 12.8% YoY, to 21189.6 thousand tons, worth $7.82 billion, down by 38%.

Ukraine: exports become mostly raw-oriented

In 2015 Ukraine exported mostly raw materials and semi-finished products.

Ukraine: steel exports to Russia down in 2015

In 2015 Ukraine exported 1.7 million tons of steel to Russia, down by 28.5% YoY and almost twice to 2011-2013.

Ukraine: Berdyansk port ups metal transshipment in 2015

In 2015 Berdyansk seaport (Zaporozhye region) processed 4.45 million tons of goods, up by 39.2% YoY.

Ukraine: the most demanded metal products in 2015

According to Allbiz, Ukraine mostly exports raw materials.

Ukraine: gold, silver and anthracite exports zero quotations retained

In 2016 Ukraine will go on with its policy of limiting gold, silver and anthracite exports.

Ukraine: metal companies to take advantage of Russia’s sanctions against Turkey

On December 1, Russia prohibited to import certain goods from Turkey. And Ukraine could be a winner in this situation, if Turkey implements sanctions in response.

Ukraine: metal products exports down in January-May 2015

In January-May Ukrainian metal companies exported 8.4 million tons of products worth $3.5 billion, down by 26.3% and 40.7% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: metal product exports down in January-May 2015

Metal companies in Ukraine cut exports of metal products by 26.3% in January-May 2015 YoY, to 8.4 million tons, and in absolute figures exports fell by 40.7%, to $3.5 billion.

Ukraine: metal export down in 2014

In 2014 Ukrainian metal companies exported 24.3 million tons of metal products, down by 7.6% YoY, worth $12.6 billion, down by 11.3% YoY.