Russia: Raspadskaya puts new long face into operation

The Uskovskaya mine of Raspadskaya Coal Company has put into operation a new long face.

Its reserves total 1.7 million tons of coking coal.

The monthly output is planned at the level of 250-270 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Raspadskaya starts using drones

Raspadskaya Coal Company has put 2 unmanned flying vehicles in operation. They will increase the safety and speed of mining operations, as well as the precision of calculations. During a 30-minute flight the drone can take 500 pictures. The maximum height of the quadrocopter filming is 500 meters. The new drones can operate under complex…

Russia: Raspadskaya mines 4 million tons of coal

Since the start of the year the Raspadskaya miners have yielded 4 million tons of coal, becoming one of the first in Kuzbass to reach the result in just less than 7 months.

The mine’s average monthly output is 420-700 thousand tons of coal. This year’s goal is 5.5 million tons of coal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Raspadskaya processes 100 million tons of coal

The Raspadskaya Processing Factory has processed 100 million tons of coal, since it has been put into operation.

The factory started operating in 2005. The enterprise processes coal of 0-300 mm classes.

Its project capacity is 15 million tons of coal per year with daily norm of some 38 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Raspadskaya to decrease debts

In H2 2017 Raspadskaya will clear $170-180 million of its debt and could ponder the long-term clearing during the year on the background of high coal prices. “We want to clear some $180 million of Raspadskaya debt. If there is enough free money, we could clear it quicker”, the company CEO Sergey Stepanov said. As…