Russia: Electrozinc fires 1128 employees

According to the agreement on the shut down of the machinery, on May 31, Electrozinc cancelled labor agreements with 1128 employees.

In particular, 271 people resigned due to retirement, while 82 left they job upon the agreement between the parties.

All the employees received compensations. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: all Electrozinc shops shut down

All the Electrozinc shops in Vladikavkaz have ceased operation activity, and all the machinery has been shut down. On October 21, 2018, Electrozinc suffered from fire on the territory of 4.5 thousand square meters. One fireman perished and two were injured. On December 14, 2018 the company announced it would be completely shut down. (Ukrainian…

Russia: Electrozinc output down in 2018

In 2018 Electrozinc fulfilled its annual manufacturing plan by 79%. The reason was the fire on October 21, 2018, which destroyed the electrolysis shop. Last year the company produced 63.065 thousand tons of zinc (73.676 thousand tons in 2017), including 31.584 thousand tons of zinc-aluminum alloy, 105.476 thousand tons of sulfur acid and 274 tons…

Russia: Electrozinc still idle

On December 1 Electrozinc will start unloading the unfinished products from the rotary-kiln and hydrometallurgical shops. It is no longer possible to process these products, as the fire on October 21 destroyed the electrolysis shop. Zinc oxide, cake, clinker and the leftovers of the zinc concentrate from the warehouse will be sent for processing to…

Russia: Electrozinc to stop producing lead

Until the end of the year Electrozinc will liquidate its non-operating lead manufacture.

A part of the freed space will be used to construct a new electrolysis shop.

Investments in the project will exceed 100 million rubles.

The sinter department of the lead manufacture, operating since 1963, was shut down in 2012. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc output up in H1 2018

In January-June Electrozinc fulfilled zinc manufacturing plan by 101.5%. According to preliminary data, sales are expected on the level of 2863 million rubles, up from 2507 million rubles in H1 2017, and net income – 330 million rubles (252.388 million rubles). Payments to all budgets will reach 564 million rubles. In H1 the company produced…