Russia: Electrozinc to stop producing lead

Until the end of the year Electrozinc will liquidate its non-operating lead manufacture.

A part of the freed space will be used to construct a new electrolysis shop.

Investments in the project will exceed 100 million rubles.

The sinter department of the lead manufacture, operating since 1963, was shut down in 2012. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc output up in H1 2018

In January-June Electrozinc fulfilled zinc manufacturing plan by 101.5%. According to preliminary data, sales are expected on the level of 2863 million rubles, up from 2507 million rubles in H1 2017, and net income – 330 million rubles (252.388 million rubles). Payments to all budgets will reach 564 million rubles. In H1 the company produced…

Russia: Electrozinc commissions gas blower

Electrozinc has commissioned the new gas blower in the compressor department of the sulfur acid shop.

The machinery valued at almost 500 thousand euro was put into operation by the supplier – Piller, Germany.

The gas blower was assembled in September 2017 to replace the outdated blower, which had been operating since 1981. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc starts modernizing cooling stack

Electrozinc has started modernizing the cooling stack of the steam-power shop.

The modernization is supposed to improve efficiency of maintenance and decrease energy expenses.

It is expected that the cooling stack will resume operation in May.

Investments total around 50 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc resumes operation

On September 30 Electrozinc finished the repair of its zinc manufacture and resumed operation at the main shops.

During the repairs a new sanitary discharge pipe was assembled at the sulfuric acid shop.

As of late October 2 the electrolysis shop produced 150 tons of zinc. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc to construct new shop

UGMK-Holding and CINF (China) have carried out the fourth round of negotiations on designing and construction of a new zinc electrolysis shop at Electrozinc in the city of Vladikavkaz, which will produce 96 thousand tons of zinc and zinc-aluminum alloy per year. This year Electrozinc will finish the project and design work on construction. “We…

Russia: Electrozinc starts testing new mill

Electrozinc has started testing the new ball mill at the hydrometallurgical shop. The company aims at decreasing environment impact, increasing the zinc solution quality and as the result decreasing expenses to 43 million rubles per year. The results of the new mill operation are positive – the grinding reaches the necessary 0.1 mm, and the…

Russia: Electrozinc not to decrease output

In 2017 Electrozinc intends to take actions aimed at improving efficiency, competitiveness and labor safety. According to the company CEO Igor Khodyko, February will see the start of construction of the absorber in the sulfuric acid shop, which will be put into operation in October. The new power substation purchase is being negotiated. The output…