Provided the sea corridor operates stably, in the first quarter of 2024 iron ore exports could reach 2-3 million tons per year.

“That is for all Ukrainian manufacturers. Before the full-scale Russian invasion, Metinvest alone exported 2 million tons of iron ore per month. Yet, there is a potential to expand other exports – metals, coal and cement,” Metinvest CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov has said.

Before the launch of the temporarily sea corridor, the group mining and processing plants exported their products to the countries of the Eastern Europe, and now are expanding their geography shipping ore to Southern Europe, Italy, Turkiye and Egypt. China remains the key market.

Now, more than 50% of group products are exported via the Greater Odesa ports. Before the launch of the sea corridor, Metinvest exported 100% of its products via railroad. (Ukrainian metal)

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