Township-forming coal enterprises of Toretsk (Donetsk region) are under threat of closing. The city authorities ask the government to influence the situation.

The main labor office of the region has refused to approve of Toretskugol mining program for Q3. This makes it impossible for the company to mine for coal at Tsentralnaya and Toretskaya mines. The lack of financing does not allow pumping water from the mines.

Toretskugol is the budget-forming enterprise for the town, listed as a settlement in the demarcation line in the antiterrorist operation zone. The local authorities have addressed the president, the prime minister, the minister of energy and coal industry, and the head of the Donetsk military-civilian administration. They say the number of employees at the enterprise has decreased by 56.6%, to 2592 people, and forecast the firing of 33% more and the decrease of budget revenue by 54% in case the mines shut down. (Ukrainian metal)

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