In 2016 Sibir-Polymetally, a part of UMMC, decreased capital investments 3.6-fold YoY, to 1.08 billion rubles.

According to the company statement, new equipment was purchased for 108.7 million rubles, and capital repairs saw the investments of 550.1 million rubles.

Last year the company received 205.833 million rubles of net losses as opposed to 97.814 million rubles of profit in 2015. Sales profits totaled 693.565 million rubles, down 1.8-fold YoY. Sibir-Polymetally earnings dropped by 2.7%, to 5.505 billion rubles.

In 2016 the company sold 373.7 kg of gold, 14.575 tons of silver, 1.348 thousand tons of copper concentrate, 369.259 tons of copper-lead concentrate, 21.915 tons of blister copper, 506.908 tons of copper clinker, 9573 tons of zinc concentrate and 9266 tons of lead concentrate. (Ukrainian metal)

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