Russia: Rusal revised net profit down in H1 2019

In January-June the net profit of Rusal totaled $625 million, not $558 million as reported previously.

The company has recalculated the H1 financial figures. Thus, profit decreased by 34% YoY.

In Q2 net profit totaled $352 million, not $285 million, up by 28.9% QoQ. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal revenue down in H1 2019

In January-June aluminum prices at LME dropped by 17.3% YoY, to $1826 per ton. This has become one of the reasons of Rusal revenue decrease by 5.2%, to $4736 million. Sales grew by 13.2%, to 1978 thousand tons, but the average price fell by 15.6%, to $1960 per ton. Alumina sales revenue totaled $340 million,…

Russia: Rusal sales up in Q2 2019

In April-June Rusal increased aluminum sales by 20.8% QoQ, to 1.082 million tons. The increase is due, among other things, to the sales of stocks accumulated during the sanctions. At the same time, the company experts believe the trade war between US and China has resulted in the drop in aluminum demand. Rusal fears the…

Russia: Rusal places second bonds in 2019

Rusal has placed another tranche of 10-year bonds with maturity in 3.5 years at the Moscow Stock exchange with the nominal volume of 15 billion rubles. The interest rate was 8.6%. 37 requests have been received. In April Rusal placed the first tranche of bonds with the volume of 15 billion rubles for 10 years.…

Russia: Rusal exports up in H1 2019

In January-June Rusal increased aluminum exports by 18% YoY, to 1.5 million tons.

In June exports fell by 16.7%, to 243.87 thousand tons.

Last year Rusal received $1.7 billion of net profit, up by 39% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal to place 15-billion ruble bonds

Rusal Bratsk intends to place bonds valued at 15 billion rubles.

In particular, the company will place 15 million notes with the nominal value of 1 thousand rubles each.

The maturity will be 10 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal passes ASI certification

Three Rusal companies have passed a certification according to the standards of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The certification will help improve the manufacturing-sales network. Bauxite of Timan, Ural Aluminum Works and Irkut Aluminum Works have successfully passed certification according to ASI Performance Standard and ASI Chain of Custody Standard. Rusal intends to certify all…

Russia: RUSAL reregistering business in Kaliningrad

Russian aluminum producer RUSAL is reregistering the business in a special administrative zone in Kaliningrad, Yelena Bezdenezhnykh, vice-president for regional policies and government relations, said at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. “RUSAL is relocating to Kaliningrad, as you know, there is reregistration,” Bezdenezhnykh said. “In this case this is one of the good examples…

Russia: Rusal profit down in Q1 2019

In January-March, Rusal received $2.17 billion of revenue as opposed to $2.74 billion in Q1 2018.

The decrease is due to the drop of aluminum prices by 13.9%, to $1859 per ton.

EBITDA fell by 60.5%, to $226 million.

Net profit decreased by 49.8%, to $273 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal output down in Q1 2019

In January-March, Rusal decreased aluminum manufacture by 0.3% YoY, to 928 thousand tons. Siberian plants accounted for 93% of the aluminum manufactured. Sales totaled 989.6 thousand tons, with high-added value products sales down by 22.2%, to 259 thousand tons. Average price decreased by 7.8% QoQ, to $1949 per ton. Aluminum foil and packaging production dropped…