Ukraine: Trubostal switches to losses in 2018

In 2018 Trubostal received 687 thousand UAH of net losses as opposed to 14.806 million UAH of net profit in 2017. The undistributed profit totaled 21.419 million UAH. The company current liabilities dropped by 4.2%, to 198.088 million UAH, while the long-term liabilities remained unchanged at 9 million UAH. Accounts receivable fell by 15.2%, to…

Ukraine: Trubostal appoints CEO

The supervisory board of Trubostal has dismissed Vladimir Dzyuba from the office of the general director and appointed Vladimir Sparinyak, who previously worked as the sales director of Metinvest SMC. Dzyuba was appointed on February 1, 2015. Sparinyak has been appointed till December 31, 2016. In 2015 Trubostal received 4 million UAH of net profits,…

Ukraine: Trubostal ends 2015 with profits

In 2015 Trubostal received 4 million UAH of profits.

Ukraine: Trubostal losses down in 2014

In 2014 Trubostal (Zhitomir region) received 5.17 million UAH of losses.