Russia: Trubodetal passes audit

Trubodetal has successfully passed the audit of its quality management system, environment and labor safety. The specialists of the TUV NORD CERT have noted the positive aspects of the plant operation in 2018: the mastering of new products and new markets, high level of personnel specialization, decrease of environment impact, etc. The quality management system…

Russia: Trubodetal commissions line to apply silicate-enamel coating

Trubodetal has successfully mastered the manufacture of pipeline joint parts with silicate-enamel coating.

Such joints can withstand high temperature and their service life is 50 years.

Pipes and joints with silicate-enamel coating are used to transport oil with high hydrogen sulfide content. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Trubodetal appoints new managing director

Yevgeniy Baranov has been appointed the managing director of Trubodetal.

He has replaced Dmitry Markov, who has been in the office since July 2015.

Baranov has earlier been a director of the large diameter pipes division at Vyksa Iron and Steel Works. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Trubodetal products enter top-100

Trubodetal pipeline joints manufactured for the Surgut hydropower plant-2 have been awarded the diploma of the “100 Best Products of Russia”. The joints are made of heat-resistant pipe with the shelf life of some 23 years. “The market of heat and nuclear energy is a new direction for Trubodetal. Gradually we master these complex types…

Russia: Trubodetal puts new shot blaster in operation

Trubodetal has put in operation a new shot-blasting machine to process pipeline joints.

Investments total 30 million rubles.

The new machine has been assembled in the thermal-press-welding shop No. 1. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Trubodetal passes TUV Nord audit

Trubodetal Works has passed the combined audit of the quality, environment and labor safety management systems. The audit has been carried out by the representatives of TUV Nord Cert. They have visited the manufacturing shops of the company and checked the compliance of the systems to world standards. Following the inspection the commission recommended TUV…

Russia: Trubodetal QMS approved by Gazprom

Trubodetal, a part of OMK, has passed the certification audit of the quality management system for the correspondence to Gazprom 9001-2012 requirements.

The auditors have studied the documents and technological instructions, visited shops and other divisions. The results of the audit confirmed that the Trubodetal QMS corresponded to the Gazprom requirements and improved. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Trubodetal passes API audit

Trubodetal (Chelyabinsk, a part of OMK) has successfully passed the American Petroleum Institute audit. The auditors checked the quality management system according to API Specification Q1, edition 9, and ISO 9001:2008. “Now all our customers working in oil and gas transportation demand international certificates, so each audit is important for us. This is always a…