Russia: Izhstal improving stainless steel manufacture technique

Izhstal has started manufacturing stainless steel with nitrogen alloying on secondary metallurgy units (external steel treatment). This technique improves steel plasticity and manufacture efficiency due to the decrease of alloying elements and azoted ferroalloys. Such metal products are used in shipbuilding, automobile, oil and gas and other industries. The company can also continuously cast over…

Russia: Izhstal repair shop turns 100

The metal machinery repair shop of Izhstal is 100 years old. In 1917 the main premises of the repair-mechanical shop were constructed. It also contained a smithy to produce horseshoes, nails, etc. In 1930s the shop organized a welding site, and after that the electrodes manufacture. During the war it produced parts for machine-guns and…

Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting complex

Izhstal has finished repairing the steel-smelting complex, producing continuous-cast billet of a wide range of steel grades. The complex produces cast billets of structural, alloyed, stainless, speed, bearing and spring steel. Its capacity is 300 thousand tons per year. It produces 80% of all the liquid steel manufactured at the works. The steel-smelting complex consists…

Russia: Izhstal increases supplies to Kalashnikov concern

In January-September Izhstal increased metal deliveries to Kalashnikov concern 2.6-fold YoY.

Izhstal supplies hot-rolled metal of stainless, high-speed, tool and bearing steels, as well as cold-rolled belts and sections.

In 9 months Izhstal supplied 1.8 thousand tons of metal to Kalashnikov concern.

Russia: Izhstal expands product range

Izhstal can now produce large diameter rolled metal on its 450 mill.

This will increase average monthly output by 4-5 thousand tons.

The maximum diameter has been increased from 120 mm to 180 mm.

The company has already shipped 1 thousand tons of metal with 130-150 mm diameter to car manufacturers. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal passes QMS audit

Izhstal has passed the supervisory audit on the correspondence of its quality management system to the ISO 9001:2008 and the controlling check of manufacture to CPR 305/2011. According to the company statement, the audit and the check have been carried out by TUV SUD specialists. They inspected rolling and steel shops, documentation, etc. The experts…

Russia: Izhstal output up in H1 2017

In January-June Izhstal increased output and sales by 31% YoY. Metal sales reached 204 thousand tons. In particular the company produced 152 thousand tons of steel, up by 34% YoY, and 173 thousand tons of rolled metal, up by 13% YoY. High margin sales showed the most growth: alloyed products sales increased 1.6-fold, while speed…

Russia: Izhstal repairs EAF

Izhstal has finished capital repairs of its electric arc furnace, which produces alloyed, stainless and speed steels. “The EAF-25 produces the most profitable products. So we pay special attention to the conditions of the furnace. The repair will provide for the faultless operation of the furnace and decrease energy consumption and refractory materials usage”, the…

Russia: Izhstal turns 257

Izhstal, a part of Mechel, is now 257 years old. The best employees received various awards and medals. “The works has a good history. Our task is to retain and multiply the labor traditions of Izhevsk metal makers and to continue the legacy began by our predecessors”, the company managing director Sergey Kozennov declared. (Ukrainian…

Russia: Izhstal deliveries to Belarus up in 2016

In 2016 Izhstal, a part of Mechel, increased deliveries to Belarusian MAZ by 71% YoY. Supplies to Spetsagro increased by 96%. Shipments to other major Belarusian companies also increased. In 2016 exports totaled 7.5% of Izhstal output. The company exported to 21 countries. Major importers were Belarus, Belgium, Kazakhstan, USA, Germany and France. Alloyed steel…

Russia: Izhstal stainless steel output up in 2016

In 2016 Izhstal, a part of Mechel, increased stainless steel output 2-fold YoY. Stainless steel production totaled 16.5 thousand tons. Continuous cast billet accounted for 19% of all steel produced, its output having increased 3-fold YoY. Stainless ingots manufacture went up 1.8-fold. At present the company is capable of producing 250 nickel-containing stainless steels and…

Russia: Izhstal output up in 2016

In 2016 Izhstal, a part of Mechel, increased output by 50% YoY. Output volume totaled 378 thousand tons; sales volume reached 375 thousand tons. Steel manufacture increased by 32% YoY, to 261 thousand tons; that of rolled metal – by 33%, to 343 thousand tons. The highest growth was achieved in stainless and alloyed steel…

Russia: Izhstal receives plane-builder certificate

Izhstal, a part of Mechel, has received the certificate of quality correspondence from one of the major aviation machinery producers in Russia – Aviastar-SP.

Izhstal supplies commercial steel to Aviastar-SP: cold-drawn, calibrated, structural and structural nickel-containing steel. The certificate is valid for 3 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting furnace

Izhstal (a part of Mechel) has finished capital repairs of its electric arc furnace used to smelt complex-alloyed, stainless and high-speed steels. “This furnace makes high-marginal products, so we pay special attention to its state. We have plans to increase its efficiency, and we will implement them in future”, Izhstal executive director Sergey Kozennov said.…

Russia: Izhstal output up in January-September 2016

In January-September Izhstal (a part of Mechel) produced 282 thousand tons of metal, up by 48% YoY.

Sales increased by 51%. Steel and rolled metal output went up by 24% and 33% YoY respectively.

In September the works sold 46.2 thousand tons of metal, an absolute record for the last 25 years. (Ukrainian metal)