Chairman of the Majilis (the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament) Nurlan Nigmatulin has arrived in Pavlodar region for a working visit. His meetings with the region’s community are mostly dedicated to the State-of-the-Nation Address of the President of Kazakhstan.

The Speaker of the Majilis inspected the Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant, and also met with the workers of the industrial giant.

Having a capacity of 250,000 tons of products per annum, the plant produces commercial-purity aluminum and aluminum ingots. In addition to the domestic market, its products are exported to over 20 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and European countries.

More than 10 years ago, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev initiated the construction of the plant, which increased its production capacity year on year. It should be mentioned that all the proposals of the Head of State are particularly supported by the plant’s employees. The employees expressed their willingness to be actively involved in the implementation of the proposals of the president, especially since he outlined export-oriented industrialization as the central element of the economic policy.

“The government will provide the manufacturing industry with unprecedented aid, and will allocate funds for the modernization of the agricultural sector. Particular attention will be given to developing new technologies in the future economy. This year you have managed to further reduce the cost of finished products output. This demonstrates the willingness to improve the enterprise’s competitiveness, not just to be on an equal footing but also among the world leaders. I am sure that Kazakhstan will export higher value-added products in the near future,” Nigmatulin said, addressing the workers of the electrolysis plant. (Kazinform/Ukrainian metal)

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