Ukraine: EMSS completes major roll order

Energomashspetsstal has finished producing rolls for Primetals Technologies, Austria. Under the contract EMSS has manufactured 36 supporting rolls with the combined weight of almost 1500 tons. The end customer of the rolls is ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, which ordered Primetals Technologies a new rolling mill. So far the customers have inspected and accepted 11 supporting…

Ukraine: EMSS fulfills Indian rotor order

Energomashspetsstal has shipped three rotors to India.

The rotors were supplied to Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited.

The respective agreement was concluded in 2018.

4 rotors have been produced for the Indian company. One of them was shipped in March.

The total weight of the batch was 64.24 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS ships large batch of rolls to Europe

In April, Energomashspetsstal shipped 460 tons of supporting rolls to Europe. The products were shipped to Germany, Romania, France, Spain and Italy. In particular, the rolls were delivered to ArcelorMittal Galati, AМ Eisenhüttenstadt, AМ Fos-sur-Mer, ArcelorMittal Piombino S.p.A. and ArcelorMittal Atlantique et Lorraine Seremange HSM, as well as to Aperam. One supporting roll weighing 33…

Ukraine: EMSS ships hammer frame to Germany

Energomashspetsstal has shipped a large hammer frame to Germany.

The frame was shipped under the contract with LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH.

The weight of the frame is 61 tons.

This is the 17th hammer frame produced by EMSS for LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH.

The next frame will be shipped in October. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS supplies over 500 tons of products in March 2019

In March Energomashspetsstal supplied domestic customers with a wide range of products.

In particular, the company delivered a total of over 500 tons of products to 12 enterprises.

At present EMSS is producing supporting and working rolls for Azovstal, Zaporizhstal and Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS accounts arrested

The accounts of Energomashspetsstal in 10 Ukrainian banks have been arrested to fulfill the ruling of the court and clear electricity debts to DTEK valued at 224.37 million UAH. DTEK has numerous times since 2015 asked EMSS to clear the debts for the electricity provided, but to no avail. In January-February the company 4 times…

Ukraine: EMSS to produce rolls for CSN

Energomashspetsstal will produce 11 supporting rolls with the total weight of 246 tons for Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN), Brazil.

According to the company statement, the first 6 rolls will be delivered in August.

And the other 5 – in February 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS gets new rolls order

Energomashspetsstal has received a new order from ArcelorMittal – Belval & Differdange to produce and supply 4 working rolls for the hot-rolling mill. According to the agreement, the rolls have to be shipped to Luxembourg in September-October. The total weight of the batch will be 128 tons. EMSS and AM have been cooperating since 2011.…

Ukraine: EMSS ships products to 5 local companies in January 2019

In January Energomashspetsstal sold 170 tons of products to 5 local companies.

In particular, EMSS supplied to Azovstal, Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Kramatorsk Heavy Machine-Tool Works, Zaporozhkran and Magma LLC.

Ukrainian customers ordered rolls, gondola frames, rods, gears, wheels, etc. (Ukrainian metal)