Russia: Yakutugol replacing machinery at processing factory

Yakutugol is commissioning two filter-presses and three pumps at the Neryungrinskaya processing factory.

Investments exceed 37 million rubles.

Each press can process 24 tons of coal mass per hour.

The company plans to buy 5 more pumps shortly. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutugol completes coal shipment to far settlements

Yakutugol has finished delivering coal from its Djebariki-Khaya pit due to the wrap up of the summer navigation season.

In May-October the company shipped 307 thousand tons of coal.

The shipping plan has been exceeded by 2%.

Coal has been shipped by Yakutia rivers to 14 northern and central settlements. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutugol buys new dump truck

Yakutugol has purchased a new BelAZ 7540V quarry dump truck for the operation at the Kangalasskiy coal pit. The cost of the machine is 12.5 million rubles. The lifting capacity of the dump truck is 30 tons and the maximum speed – 50 km/h. Yakutugol and BelAZ have been cooperating for over 40 years. (Ukrainian…

Russia: Yakutugol modernizing machinery of the processing factory

Yakutugol is commissioning new machinery at its Neryungrinskaya processing factory.

The company has acquired a Magnis separator and Warman sludge pumps.

The cost of the new machinery is 12 million rubles.

The factory operates 65 pumps and 36 separators. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutugol renews car-cleaning machinery

Yakutugol has purchased a new KamAZ with a clamshell.

The cost of the machine is some 7.5 million rubles.

The machine will make the process of cleaning cars of snow completely automated.

The KamAZ will also be used for loading and unloading. (Ukrainian metal)