Russia: Evraz NTMK modernizes CCM No. 1 automatization system

Evraz NTMK has finished modernizing the automatization system of the continuous casting machine No. 1.

The system has been in used since 1995 and has been based on Siemens S5 equipment.

Following the modernization the company has switched to S7. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz NTMK warehouse stocks down

For the first time in Russia Evraz NTMK has implemented a system of manufacture planning on the basis of SAP ERP and SAP APO PP/DS.

The system has changed the process of ordering, manufacture planning and spare parts producing.

As a result, the level of warehouse stocks has decreased by 10%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz NTMK output to increase

Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works, a part of Evraz, will construct its fifth continuous casting machine. “We’re modernizing extraction systems in the mixing department, which will decrease impact on the environment. We are also planning to develop the department of continuous cast steel and have started the project of the CCM No. 5”, Evraz…

Russia: Evraz-NTMK railroad exports down in August 2018

In August Evraz-NTMK shipped 310.3 thousand tons of metal via railroad, up by 4.6% YoY.

According to the railroad statistics, in January-August sales reached 2.38 million tons, down by 9.2% YoY.

Russian customers received 1.35 million tons of metal, up by 3.2%, while exports fell by 21.6%, to 1.03 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz NTMK expanding product range

Evraz NTMK plans to increase capacities to manufacture products for the construction market. According to the company managing director Alexei Kushnarev, the works is mastering the manufacture of 18 new sections. The company will be able to produce beams and sheet piles for the construction sphere. Evraz NTMK has already provided 8 thousand tons of…

Russia: Evraz expands the capacity for the processing of railway wheels

Evraz NTMK completes preparations for launching the fifth railway wheel machining line. The line has already been assembled, and four new automated machines have been installed at the wheel shop. Currently the wheel-block robotic transport and handling equipment, chip breaker and disposal systems, a cutting-fluid management station are being mounted. Cable networks and fences that…

Russia: Evraz NTMK sales down in January-February 2018

In February Evraz NTMK decreased railroad sales of rolled metal by 6.1% YoY, to 280.2 thousand tons.

In January-February sales dropped by 12.7%, to 586 thousand tons.

In particular, supplies to domestic consumers decreased by 7.5%, to 289.2 thousand tons, and for export – by 17.2%, to 296.8 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz NTMK decreases air pollution

In 2017 Evraz NTMK decreased air pollution by 3.7% YoY. Last year the company repaired dust exhaust systems at major divisions, including at three ladle furnaces in the converter shop, foundry shops and slurry utilization site. The modernized machine of dry coke quenching was put into operation in the by-product coke shop. The project will…