Russia: ZEMZ finishes large-scale reconstruction project

On November 19 ZEMZ put into operation a new site of Bosio thermal furnaces.

The site has 5 thermal furnaces with the maximum temperature of up to 10 thousand degrees C.

The furnaces will be used to heat rounds, squares and slabs.

The average monthly output of each furnace will be 900 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK legal team named among best corporate counsels

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works’ (MMK) legal team, led by Chief Legal Officer Sergey Shepilov, has been named among best corporate counsels by Legal 500, an authoritative international legal publication. The Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Russia Teams ranking includes Russia’s most influential and innovative corporate legal counsels. The ranking is made by leading market experts.…

Ukraine: ZZhRK increases wages

From October 1 Zaporozhye Iron Ore Complex has increased wages by 15%.

According to the supervisory board the decision has been taken to improve the life level and the motivation of the employees.

ZZhRK is developing the Yuzhno-Belozerskoye and Pereverzevskoye iron ore deposits. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lvivugol buys electric motors

The state enterprise Lvivugol has signed an agreement with the Group Profitrade LLC for the delivery of electric motors valued at 1.7 million UAH.

The company will have to supply two motLvivugolors at 850 thousand UAH each.

This is the first Group Profitrade order. The company was registered 7 months ago. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ITZ commissions PPU insulation site

From December Irbit Pipe Works will commission a site to apply PPU insulation on pipes.

The machinery produced by Polimer Complex (Moscow) will be used.

It will allow applying insulation to the pipes with the diameter of 57 to 820 mm.

The maximum length of such pipes will be 12 meters. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kolmar and Elgaugol coal output up in January-September 2018

In January-September the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) mined 13.078 million tons of coal, up by 5.2% YoY.

The increase is due to the operation of Kolmar and Elgaugol LLCs.

Kolmar mined 3.83 million tons of coal, up by 24%.

And Elgaugol mined 3.9 million tons, up by 28%. (Ukrainian metal)