In January-June Russia considerably increased imports of metal products.

According to the Federal Customs Service, Russia imported 3.018 million tons of ferrous metals, up 1.6-fold YoY. Far foreign countries supplied 1.134 million tons, while CIS countries – 1.885 million tons (0.615 million and 1.238 million tons in 2016 respectively).

Ferrous metals imports not taking into account pig iron, ferroalloys, wastes and scrap increased from 1.525 million tons in H1 2016 to 2.577 million tons, with CIS supplying 1.534 million tons (0.957 million tons) and far foreign countries – 1.044 million tons (0.568 million tons).

In H1 Russia imported 0.369 million tons of steel pipes, up from 0.215 million tons in H1 2016. CIS countries increased their share from 0.124 million ton 0.195 million tons, while far foreign countries from 0.09 million to 0.174 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

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