In January-March Russia exported 752 tons of stainless steel products, down by 31.4% YoY.

The exports consisted of billets (27.7% of the total volume), bars (22.7%), electric welded pipes (16.6%), flats (16.2%), seamless pipes (12.5%), valves (2.4%) and wire (1.9%).

Except for the billets and valves, which demonstrated a rise of 9.8-fold, to 208 tons, and 12.5%, to 18 tons, respectively, all the other products showed the negative result.

Thus, bars exports dropped by 67.2%, to 171 tons, electric welded pipes – by 27.3%, to 125 tons, flats – by 32.6%, to 122 tons, seamless pipes – by 44.4%, to 94 tons, and wire – by 6.7%, to 14 tons.

Exports of stainless steel produced in Russia decreased by 33%, to 667 tons, and re-export fell from 101 tons to 85 tons.

100% of electric welded pipes and 20% of seamless pipes, produced in Russia and exported, were made of foreign billets. (Ukrainian metal)

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